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Here are six important questions you should ask...

Who will be available to answer your auto insurance questions?
At some point you will have to ask for advice about your auto insurance. Consider whether the person who is selling you a policy is also a person you think will give you good advice in the future. Ask who will answer your questions and give you advice if you are changing cars or if you have an auto accident. Will you speak to a call center person or are you assigned to a particular person? Is this the type of relationship you want when you buy auto insurance? If it is not, then move on to another automobile insurance company.
What happens to your auto insurance premium if you get a ticket?

Insurance companies have decided that people with tickets are more likely to have an auto accident so they charge them more for their auto insurance and they will regularly check to see how any tickets you have. (parking tickets are ignored). As you get more tickets, they will keep raising your auto insurance premium and if you keep getting tickets, eventually they will not renew your insurance policy. Don't bother pretending you don't have any tickets because it takes 10 minutes for them to check and they always check for new clients and they sometimes check every year before they renew your auto insurance policy.

Insurance companies often have one rule for a new client and a different rule for someone who is already a policy holder.

If you have no tickets, find out what happens if you get one. Does the cost of your auto insurance change? Will it change if you have 1 ticket and get one more? Four tickets or more usually means your auto insurance will be very expensive.

If you don't get a clear explanation then get a quote somewhere else for your auto insurance. You need to know that the people who are selling you auto insurance can explan what they are selling to you!

What happens to your auto insurance premium if you have an auto accident?

Auto accidents happen. In Ontario, the term "no fault auto insurance" is misleading because there is no such thing as "no fault insurance". Fault is actually determined by the Ontario auto insurance legislation. If you have an auto accident, the insurance company will assign fault to each driver according to how the auto accident happened. The fault assigned to you will be 100%, 75%, 50%, 25% or 0%. The total allocation of fault among all drivers must equal 100%. When it comes to allocating fault, it does not matter what the police say or if you got a ticket.

If you are 50% or more at fault in an auto accident, then you have an "at fault accident" on your insurance record.
The key question to ask is what will happen to your insurance premium if you have an accident (or another accident). You ought to get a clear direct answer and one that you like (or at least one that is logical). If you do not like the answer, then move on to another auto insurance company.

If you have an auto accident, your cheapest insurer will be the one you were with when you had the accident (assuming you had accident forgiveness). This means that you are probably stuck with that insurer for up to 6 years. Make sure it is the insurer you want! If not, move on to one of our other suggestions.

What is auto accident forgiveness and can you get accident forgiveness on our auto insurance policy?

Every auto insurer offers some form of accident forgiveness and they only give it to the best drivers. Some insurers charge for it. Some do not.

You can think of accident forgiveness as "the 3 F's". Here is how it usually works: If you have accident forgiveness, your first at fault auto accident is "Forgotten" by your current auto insurer because it will not affect your auto insurance premium. Your second at fault auto accident is "Forgiven" by your current auto insurer because they will not cancel your insurance but your insurance premium will likely go up at renewal time. Your third at fault auto accident means no insurer will want you and you will be forced into the "Facility Association" which is the insurer for the worst drivers and their insurance premium is very high. Each auto insurer has its own variation of "the 3 F's". You need to check out want will happen to you if you have an auto accident and remember, fault is allocated to you by the insurer.

Who do you call if you do not agree with something about your auto insurance policy?

If you do not agree with how your auto insurance is being handled and you have bought your auto insurance
Through a broker, complain to the supervisor or manager or owner of the office.

If you bought your auto insurance through an agent, complain to the supervisor or manager (there may not be an owner).

If you bought your auto insurance directly from an insurance company, complain to a supervisor.

Refer to the description above to see the difference between a broker, agent and insurance company.

When you hear about what you can save on your auto insurance, what does it really mean?

Advertising messages such as "our clients have saved 45% by switching to us" are amusing because the obvious question is how do they know that? You are never asked what you are currently paying and even if the question is asked, the answer is almost always "I would rather not say", "too much" or "I don't remember". Perhaps it is good advertising because it sounds good. You will only know if it applies to you if you compare prices by using each of the sources of auto insurance that we have found for you.

In Ontario, auto insurance is very competitive and controlled by the provincial government. All the basic insurance policy wordings are the same and every insurer must have their prices approved by the government. Auto insurers are required to charge the approved price. The price literally comes out of a book (or computer program). The best way to keep your insurance premium as low as possible is to shop around. Get a quote through each of the links above. Ask the questions and then decide. Don't just buy based on the lowest price. Know who will provide you with service after you buy.