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You will be linked to a website operated by Allstate Insurance Company Of Canada. Use their website to obtain an estimate of the cost for your auto insurance. You will have to provide your postal code then answer questions about your auto and your driving history. You will be asked for your full name and email address which could lead to some unsolicited email marketing


Once you get a price you can buy online or find a local Allstate agent. This cost estimating service is free to you.

What is an insurance agent ?

In Ontario, an insurance agent is an auto insurance expert who usually represents only 1 insurance company. An insurance agent does not have direct access to the Facility Association. So drivers with really bad driving records should not bother with this source for auto insurance. Check out our auto insurance information for more details about driving records.

An insurance agent represents the insurer. They ought to provide you with expert advice and the lowest priced auto insurance that is available from the insurer that they represent. This has the advantage that their quote ought to be guaranteed. On going service could be provided by either the agent or a call center which means that you may not speak to the same person each time you call but you are less likely to have to wait to speak to someone.

Insurance agents do not represent every insurer. To get the lowest price for auto insurance you will have to visit other websites. It will be time consuming but it will make sure you have the lowest price that is available.


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