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Auto insurance broker

You will be linked to a website that will provide a free estimate for your auto insurance. You will have to provide your postal code, select a broker near you and then answer questions about your auto and your driving history.

This cost estimating service is free to you and you do not have to give your full name, street address or email address so unsolicited email marketing to you is unlikely. You will have to give your postal code.

What is an insurance broker?

In Ontario, an insurance broker is an independent auto insurance expert who is licensed by the Registered Insurance Brokers of Ontario (RIBO). Insurance brokers represent two or more auto insurance companies including the Facility Association.

An insurance broker is your representative and ought to provide you with expert advice and the lowest priced auto insurance based on the insurers that they represent. This source for auto insurance has the advantage that they can do some price comparisons for you but they do not have access to every auto insurer in the province. It also means that this source will service your on-going auto insurance needs. An insurance brokerage will often assign clients to specific RIBO licensed representatives so you will have 1 point of contact for all of your insurance needs.

In Ontario, insurance brokers keep a portion of the insurance premium that you pay. In most cases they keep 12.5% of the premium and they use this money to pay for advertising, salaries of the brokerage staff, other expenses of operating an office and the remainder is profit for the owner of the brokerage. is operated by the Insurance Brokers Association of Ontario (IBAO) on behalf of its broker members. Insurance brokers do not represent every insurer. You should select a broker near you and get a price for your auto insurance. Then select another broker and get a price from that broker. All of this can be done from myinsuranceshopper. It will be time consuming but it will make sure you have the lowest price that is available from this source for auto insurance.


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