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G1 or G2 driver licensing explained

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A Class G licence in Ontario permits the holder to drive a auto, van or small truck. Obtaining a Class G licence is a two step process.

To enter level one, Class G drivers must be at least 16 years old, pass a vision test and pass a written test of their knowledge of the rules of the road.

Level One lasts 12 months, but this can be reduced to 8 months if the new driver passes an approved driver education course. A Level One driver:

Level One drivers MAY NOT need to be reported to insurer. Check with your insurance advisor.

At the end of Level One, drivers must pass a road test to proceed to Level Two.

Level Two lasts a minimum of 12 months. Level Two drivers:

Level Two drivers MUST be reported to the insurer.

Full Class G licence privileges can be obtained by taking a road test.

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