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The explanations of insurance coverages in each subsection are in general terms only. In all cases, actual coverages are as stated in the terms and conditions of the policy wording. Nothing stated in this website can be construed to extend, expand or modify the actual policy wording. If you have a specific question of significance to your situation contact your insurance Advisor.

There is an endorsement called "Liability for damage to Non-Owned Automobiles and Drive Other Automobiles Coverage for Specified Persons Endorsement" or simply OPCF 27. When added to your policy it provides coverage for physical damage as follows:

This coverage is valued by people who rent cars while travelling because they want to avoid having to pay the daily insurance premium charged by the car rental.

Another way to avoid paying for the car rental company insurance is by using the protection offered by many credit card companies. Some of these companies advertise that if you use their card to rent a car, then they will automatically provide the same coverage as the rental company offers. This benefit ought to be confirmed with the credit card company before you rent a car.

The endorsement provides another advantage with respect to Third Party Liablity coverages. The standard auto policy automatically provides Third Party Liability coverage for the named insured and the insured's spouse while driving a car owned by someone else. However, other listed drivers such as children do not have this automatic coverage unless you have this endorsement. Purchasing this endorsement ensures peace of mind if they drive someone else's car because you will know they have the protection that is provided by your policy if needed and it is very cheap coverage (usually about $10).

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