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Driving without insurance

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Ontario law requires that all motorists have auto insurance. The same law provides all individuals injured or killed in a auto accident with access to certain "Accident Benefits" coverage. However, penalties apply to individuals driving without insurance, or while impaired or without a driver licence.


People who are convicted of driving without insurance face very high fines. For a first conviction, the minimum fine is $5,000 and the maximum is $25,000. For each subsequent conviction, the minimum fine becomes $10,000 and the maximum becomes $50,000.

Financial Losses:

If a person is injured while driving or occupying their own vehicle (or a vehicle leased by them), the vehicle is uninsured at the time of an accident and the accident occurs in Ontario, that person:

Uninsured auto owners cannot sue for damage to their auto even when they are not at fault for an accident that occurs in Ontario.

Insurance companies can sue an uninsured driver when that driver is at fault to any degree for the accident. There is no requirement that a person be convicted for driving without insurance for these limitations to apply!

The bottom line is driving without insurance is irresponsible and could be financially devastating!

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