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Principal versus Occasional drivers

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Insurance policy terms and conditions are as stated in the actual insurance policy wordings. Nothing stated herein is intended to modify any part of an insurance policy. If you have a specific question of significance to your situation contact your insurance advisor.

Auto insurance rating is affected by the regular drivers of the auto being insured. For other factors see "Key factors affecting the cost of your insurance" .

The principal driver is the one who drives the auto most often.

An occasional driver is one who drives a auto regularly but is not the principal user of the auto AND who is not listed as a principal driver of any other auto. If a person is listed as a principal driver of one auto, then that person does not have to be listed as an occasional driver of another auto.

All drivers in a household must be declared on a auto insurance application. If any driver is already insured on some other auto insurance policy then the name of the insurer and the policy number must be stated in order to avoid being charged.

Occasional drivers are rated separately if the driver is male under the age of 25. Female occasional drivers under the age of 25 are rated separately by some insurers while other insurers will downgrade the rating of the principal driver.

There may or may not be a charge for an occasional driver over the age of 25 depending on the driver's experience and driving record.

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