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What affects your premium


Multi policy Discount : Some insurers offer a discount if you buy both your car and home insurance from them. These discounts reduce your premium regardless of the way the car policy is rated. Not all insurers offer the same discounts. Some offer 10% off both the car and the home premium, some offer 10% off the car premium only, others offer discounts on the home premium only, and others offer discounts off both the car and the home premium, but they are different amounts.

Retiree Discount: Insurers also offer a discount to retirees. To qualify, one must meet specific criteria as to age and source of income, in fact there is a special form to complete. If you think to might qualify ask your insurance provider about it.

Driver Education Discount: New drivers should take a driver education course. Formal driver training in an "approved course" will give a new driver a credit for 3 years accident free driving which means that instead of starting out with "zero" years of driving credit, a new driver would begin with 3 years. The premium savings over time will almost always exceed the cost of the course.

Good Driver Discount: Good drivers get a discount because good drivers will be rated as "6 star" drivers since they have driven at least 6 years without an accident. 6 star drivers pay less than 5 star drivers who have only gone 5 years without an accident. Some insurers give even lower prices to drivers who have gone an even longer period of time without an accident. It pays to drive carefully!

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